Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tooth Trouble

Jillian's front teeth have been getting wigglier and wigglier everyday, but didn't want us to touch them. It wasn't until Logan smacked her in the face while swimming that we had to do an emergency tooth pulling! I didn't know what had happened, but Jillian was screaming with blood coming out of her mouth...which made it all worse! Papa came to the rescue and yanked it out.( I cannot handle any sort of tooth pulling, thanks to my traumatic childhood dentistry...border line child abuse for sure).

Getting happier!

...ok, not really!

15 minutes later she was back in the pool playing as if nothing had happened....that is Jillian for you! She looks so cute!

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  1. Is that her first lost tooth? Katie and Elie are tied at 8 teeth each!