Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hallie's 1st Birthday

July, 10th! WoW! What a fast year??? What have I been doing...oh yes, playing with this little munchkin! This is what I wake up to every morning. Her crib is right by my bed so she gets our attention and then puts on a little show for us. She is so cute!

We forgot to get Hallie little white donuts, so Mallory made her babycakes donuts with powdered sugar! They are her favorite!

I got this birthday hat at HL...Love that store!

She actually wore it too!

We took Hallie out to lunch at Del Taco, she loves beans! 

Too Cute!

Then we went to the Sweet Shop for some princess shopping. She got 2 cute tutus, her birthday outfit, pink leopard shoes, and a wand.

We just made cupcakes for her birthday...still adjusting from vacation!

They turned out cute though.

She loved sitting up looking and touching her cupcakes.

We let her try one before her little party.

She LOVED the frosting!

I got her high chair decorations at HL...Still love that store!

Me and my little princess!
Too Cute!

Our friends came over to help celebrate. She loves all the kids!

Singing Happy BIrthday!

Finally getting to eat her big cupcake...yummy!

Time for presents! She got the little people doll house. I think Logan loves it more!
Hallie  loves kitties, so Mallory  gave her this cute pink and white kitty!
Hallie and her little boyfriend, Bubbas! They love to play together, or just look at each other!

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