Friday, July 6, 2012

Tye Die Crazy!

Sooo, last summer my brother tie dyed firework shirts for us. The kids were begging to do more this summer, and that is JUST what we did.

We did one round which involved about 20 shirts. We started soaking and tying a little late, which put us dying in the freezing cold dark. It was so so funny and made for an interesting challenge.
Our favorite part in opening them up after they have soaked for a day. Gramma even got in on it!

After we opened them up there were shirts everywhere. Totally hippiville over here!

We did white fabric too.

Megan's scale shirt came out awesome.

So after the 1st round, we became obsessed and had to do more. That turned into like 40 more white things. We hit every store for white shirts and dye. We are so crazy!

(sorry, loading pictures too quick)

Aren't we way cute?

This is Logan's shirt. He loves it.

We were smart and tied all the shirts the night before we dyed them all. It is quite a science.

All the whites before.

We soak all the shirts in soda ash first. That is the annoying part.

It is AWESOME!!! Thanks to my hippy brother for introducing us to the world of tie dye, and a new craze!

I will post pictures of more awesomeness later!

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