Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We made a quick trip to Disneyland in September, since our passes expired in October! We had to get our last fix from Disney...for awhile! My parents and brothers met us there. No cousies, sad!

We stayed at a different hotel this time, the Quality Inn and Suites on Katella. It was super cheap, but surprisingly nice! It was just a few more minutes of walking.

Getting on Thunder Mountain! That is a crazy fun ride when you are in the back!

Jillian makes me laugh!

Tie-Dye Crazies! Love it!!

I love castle pictures! Wearing tie-dye made it so much easier to stay together and keep track of the kids. It should be mandatory!

Michael even put on a shirt for about 10 seconds!

Just the girlies!

More waiting in lines!!

Space Mountain..Ghost Galaxy, is somewhat freaky and gross for the kids. Don't love it. We did totally get stuck on it and had to wait to get out of the seats. We had just come out of the roller coaster area, so we were mad we couldn't see it all inside with the lights on. The worker dude told us how much things fall apart on this ride...nice, huh?

Michael and Mallory having fun!

Gramma taking care of little fussy pants!

Sweet Buggie!

Splash Mountain, favorite ride!

Hallie getting some playing time with her daddy!

My cute girls!

Hallie is too cute!

Space Mountain...gramma and Mallory being silly.

We love taking pics of our pictures from the rides...we are so dumb, I love it!

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