Saturday, November 24, 2012

Garbage Truck Birthday Party

Logan had his little heart set on having a garbage truck birthday party for his birthday this year. I loved the idea and immediately  started thinking of things to do! I stenciled these cute shirts for the invitations! Logan loved them!!

We played some garbage games. We saved our soda cans and used "garbage grabbers" for a relay race. It was fun!

We have a perfect backyard for "garbage games."

I found these cute tins at Target (in Vegas), and vinyled their names! The kids loved them!

Then we played another garbage game. We got a bunch of paper shreddings, put them in buckets and added tons of candy to it. The kids had to dig through it all for the candy. It made a huge mess, but was way fun!

Yep...HUGE mess, but I have a Dyson!!!

Garbage Truck Cake! Love how it turned out! Logan looked at it all afternoon.

The boys were so hyper, I couldn't get them to sit still long enough for a good picture.

Then we raced our garbage trucks ( I ordered little trucks for all the boys)

Then we had hot dogs and cake!

I love Logan's HUGE happy smile!

I was so worn out after this party, but loved having it! I love parties!!


  1. Hi there, love your ideas. Where did you order the small garbage trucks from?

  2. I love your ideas! I'm putting together my son's fourth birthday trash bash. Where did you find the little trash trucks to race?