Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Logan is 4!!

September 11th is one of my favorite days!!! I love celebrating my little boys birthday! He is the cutest little boy EVER!!! I asked him what he wanted to do and he rattled off a whole list of things. So we started early, making sure to get it all done! We started at Hobby Lobby ( his favorite store...he does hang out with his mommy all day). He loves the very expensive, but really cool dinosaurs. He only loves the ones with the movable jaw! Funny little guy.

He had a hard time choosing. I only allowed one, since they are around $30!

Then he wanted to head to the Dollar Tree, they had this freaky spider that I guess he has been wanting.

Then we headed  to Ross to pick out this awesome hat, and weird green lantern toy. He looked and looked for a shirt, but we couldn't find one.

So, Michael was of course gone on his actual birthday, of course, and his birthday party was a few weeks later. She we had a low key rest of the day. We went to McDonalds with a bunch of friends for lunch, then had his best friend hang out with us for the rest of the day.

I was happy that Smiths had a dinosaur cake already made.

Keahi and Logan love to play together! They are best friends, and somewhat twins!

Hallie never misses out on a yummy cake!

Logan got lots of dinosaurs that I ordered off of ebay. Apparently the older ones are just more cool!

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