Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ugly Dresser Make-Over

 I bought this old ugly dresser off of Maddy's Attic for $20! It is super heavy and was really ugly! I did take a before shot, but it got deleted. It was just a normal oak dresser with tacky handles.
 This was my first big re-do project to do on my own. I cleaned it up and took all the hardware off, which took forever! Then I primed it...all they had was spray paint primer. I wish I could have used regular primer to roll on. I think it would have helped. They I sprayed it black so I would get a black antique look when I distressed it. My neighbors thought I was crazy. I did it out front, a little white trash, huh? I did try my sister's favorite technique with the vaseline. I wasn't sure about it though. Then I rolled it yellow. I am putting it in our family room with our tv on top.
 So I hated it until I distressed it and when Michael fixed the funny draws. Once we got it inside I loved it. It totally changed our family room. I just need to find handles for it. I sorta messed up and didn't patch the holes or keep the old handles to paint black. I will know next time!


  1. It's cute! That is a big project! We have two desks to refinish once it finally gets warm here. Yes, two, what were we thinking? And one is 6 feet long!! But if Ryan has done the piano he can do those....

  2. Very cute! Good job! I'm impressed.