Friday, January 4, 2013

St. Nicholas Day!

 The kids are always excited for St. Nicholas day to come around. It is sorta the beginning of all the Christmas festivities at our house. I do love that it is one morning that I don't have to drag the kids, kicking and screaming, out of bed! Instead, we wake up to eating chocolate and then more chocolate, which made for a fun morning for Hallie! Logan got a cute Hallmark ornament with Buzz and the little green monster.
 Jillian got the Merida ornament from the movie Brave.
 Mallory got a silly tropical fish, since it was her Hawaii vacation year!
 And for lack of better stores here, Hallie got a pacifier ornament. She thought it was a real one and kept trying to suck on it.
 She loved loved LOVED waking up to chocolate in her shoes! And she loved even more that her sisters left all of their candy down on the ground while they were at school. Hallie's new favorite day!
We have celebrated this holiday tradition since I was a little kid. It is my favorite tradition that we have carried on, even if the scrooge of a husband doesn't like it...I LOVE IT!

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