Friday, March 6, 2009

Hair Do Mania

So thanks to my friend Dena, one of my new hobbies is doing hair. Mallory is pretty patient with me. I am not too good yet.
This one is so fast and easy, perfect for a busy morning.

Not sure what I was doing here, but it came out okay.

This one didn't come out like I had planned. There is a french braid going up and down to the middle. Then you are suppose to braid the piggie both ways. We only made it one way so put the rest in a side pony tail. But, I guess side ponies are in.


  1. Very Cute! I'm going to have try that top one. I've been going to do Maddy's in French braids like the last picture but then just do messy buns instead of crossing it. Maybe I'll try tomorrow for church. I love doing hair too. Maddy will probably think she's too old for some of these soon. At least Ally is getting enough hair to start doing things too!

  2. I wish I was good at hair - or had a good teacher! Come visit us and teach me - or we'll stop and see you guys sometime on our way somewhere.

  3. I love doing hair too. Just wished Evie had more hair and a little more patience with me. I'm gonna have to try to some of them from your pictures..just not the french braid one...don't really know how yet.

  4. THAT is what you do on a busy morning!? You're kidding, right?

  5. Way cute. I can't wait until my girls have enough hair to do these updos!