Friday, March 6, 2009

A Sad Sad Good-Bye

Here is our family's last picture in front of our home. We will miss our house but most of all our huge yard. We saw lots of pretty sunsets, had many crazy monsoon storms, and had tons of fun BBQs with our dear friends. We also brought our sweet baby boy Logan home here. I should stop writing as tears are running down my face! I will always love it here.
We love the Dana's. They practicaly moved for us. They came over willing to help and got the job done. I think they should open a moving business.
Here are some of the girls best friends. They got to play while we were cleaning the house.

Last but not least, my little Jillian and her best friend Bryson. He stopped by to see her one last time (until we come visit, we'll only be 3 hours away) before we had to leave.


  1. We sure miss you guys! It was already so sad not to see you guys at playgroup! :(

  2. I want to cry for you! I bet it was hard leaving a place you really loved.

  3. Hey guys... I found your blog from Steve and Mel's. What a cute family you have. It looks like you just moved, and from a place you loved. Hopefully you like your new place just as much!

  4. We miss you too! They just released Micheal from his calling yesterday and it reminded me that you guys are really gone. I know we didn't do that much together, but you and your sweet family made an impression on us and added so much to the ward! You will definitely be missed a lot!
    Our blog address is:
    I love your blog and I am excited to keep in touch!
    Hopefully you are liking in your new place.

  5. We miss you!! Sorry we weren't more help with your move. Go Danas!! Hope all is well there.