Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jillian's New Dress

I found this cute dress at the Children's Orchard. It is a charter club and oh so cute. I love good "Finds" like this at second hand stores

It looks darling on my Jillian!
Don't let this cute round face deceive you. She is a little Turkey. This was Sunday after church. I usually take pictures before church on Sunday, but not this particular day. She had had 2 HUGE tantrums back to back. One at 3 am and the other while we were getting ready for church. It totally wiped me out. She kicks and screams and thrashes like NO other. And there is no calming her down. Nothing seems to work. I guess she needs her Daddy! I am not patient in the middle of the night with the other kids. I am up all night with Logan to begin with and to add more kids into that mixture is certainly a recipe for disaster.
I guess she is still my sweet Jillian and continues to melt me heart!


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  2. I love her dress! And don't feel too bad about the tantrums - she sounds exactly like Maddy was at that age. Maddy didn't get better until around 6 yrs. old. She is still very argumentative, but doesn't throw tantrums like she used to. Just stand your ground, be firm and try not loose your cool. (Not loosing my cool was the hardest part for me!) She'll eventually learn and once she can reason and understand longer term consequences, she'll get better! Good luck!

  3. I think "we" need some pro. help before things get worse - Can't wait till Sally gets the hand-me-down dress - I think she will be in it next year at the rate we're growing!