Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Eve Activities

We had a very busy Saturday, the day before Easter. Our little tradition is the night before Easter we make Resurrection buns (I'm sure the Utah people know about these). They are actually good and taste like Cinnamon rolls. You take crescent roll dough and lay it out. Use a marshmallow to symbolize the body, roll it in butter and sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar, to symbolize how they prepared the body, then wrap it up in the dough (the tomb). Once you bake it, the marshmallow is gone, so they are like little tombs. The kids love this!

We love dying Easter Eggs. It is one of my favorite holiday traditions. When we were little we each got a dozen to ourselves. I loved this. Some of my friends only got to do a we got 5 dozen eggs for the kids to decorate. At least our kids will eat the eggs, unlike us when we were little.

And this is why we love Easter!!! Need I say more???
Once a year we break out the peanut Butter and the chocolate and make the worlds best chocolate covered PB egg. Yes, they are better than Sees or any other imitation chocolate egg.

We were able to see real bunnies at the Children's Orchard. The girls loved holding the cute bunny.

Later that night Jillian asked if we can get a pet bunny. I said, "I wish we could but mommy hates animals." Maybe if we lived in a cooler climate I would consider it. A pet might help Jillian.

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