Friday, April 24, 2009

Strawberry Heaven

Look at all of our Strawberries...What should we do with them???
On our way home from the beach last week we bought yummy berries. I wanted to make Jam of course. It turned out so good. I think it is the best strawberry jam I have ever had.

We were loving our biscuits and jam!
We have already gone through 2 jars. Good thing I started running.


  1. Your list of fun things you are doing is never ending! You are awesome!

  2. You need to add a link on your strawberry post to my strawberry quilt!
    The jam looks YUMMY - I need to make some

  3. I just made a bunch of jam too, but I'm sure my strawberries weren't as good as yours. I totally remember getting strawberries fresh from the field from a stand by our house in CA when I was growing up. They were the BEST!