Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today we ventured out of our little town and went to Palo Alto. My friend MaryAnn told me to go get Sprinkles cupcakes, so we did!! They are so yummy and fun I wish it was closer, however it is probably good that it is not! These are strawberry, peanut butter, chocolate coconut, dark chocolate and chocolate with marshmallow in the middle. I would say my favorite is the ch. coconut. I love anything with coconut though!
Jillian picked out the chocolate with marshmallow, just like a hostess cupcake but a little more money!!

I love their labeling and packaging. It is so simple but so cute. I want a cupcake shop.
My sister in law (Jeff's cute wife) was visiting her sister that lives over there. So we met them for lunch and went shopping at the Stanford mall. Then we went to check out Sprinkles. We had a fun day, (but tiring when you only get 2 hours a sleep due to a fussy little somebody).


  1. Those are some fancy and yummy looking cupcakes!!!

  2. You only got TWO hours of sleep? How are you surviving that cute kid of yours? I think you need to come to NM so Keian can give Logan some lessons on SLEEPING!

  3. I saw a Sprinkles in Phoenix AFTER we had driven all the way to that other place. Next time....

  4. That strawberry cupcake recipe we make is from when the Sprinkles people were guests on martha's show - I just put it all together - they are called "Sprinkles strawberry cupcakes" I want some!

  5. I am so jealous. I love Sprinkles!!!!