Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fair Time

It seems that every summer we find our way to the Alameda County Fair. Maybe it's the cotton candy, the corn dogs, the cinnamon rolls that my mom waits in line for just before the fair closes, the knock of purses that I always have to buy, and all the dizzy rides. We love the good old fair. Jillian with her cousin Ryan. They had a blast riding rides together all afternoon and night. They fit in the same height category which made it nice. They had a little riding buddy.
It wouldn't be the fair without the famous swings (which I hate, how can you put those together so quickly and not have them brake while you are flying super high)

My little buddy!

Logan was trying to take over my corn dog. He wishes I would let him...just some bits of the bread part.

The two little kids kept having to get measured to go on the rides.

The stroller brigade.
The kids had fun playing on the grass while we listened to some fair singing...just like Simon says..."It's like I was at a county fair..."

So this picture is a HUGE story in and of itself. Notice my little biter is holding a bottle. Those of you that know me, know that I hate bottles! Logan does not know how to nurse with his new teeth. So, I have taken all the pain of that one, if you know what I mean. He has chewed me so bad I cry when I nursed him. I had to supplement with a bottle for a little relief. It just so happened we were at the fair for his first bottle. I was slightly engorged also. I hadn't nursed him for awhile...I just couldn't bring myself to all the pain. It is like he is a newborn. A week later and I am still bleeding and being tortured by Logan, but he seems to like the bottle.

Corn Dog Feast!

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