Monday, July 27, 2009

What a Nightmare

I am trying to survive the week that I have been through and trying to figure out how I am going to make it through the many weeks to come! I haven't taken many pictures yet here. It is just too plain hot to do anything!

Michael flew in a week ago Friday and we were so excited to go to the tiny airport and pick him up. Unfortunately the excitement wore off when we realized we had a lot of hard work to do all weekend long. Move a TON of furniture into a house in 122 degree weather. Sounds fun!! We have had problem after problem...but I shouldn't really complain because we are so grateful to be together as a family, have a great job with super good benefits and hours!

My mom stayed a few days extra to help out. We were able to get some things done...but still have tons to do. We are not used to this crazy (ugly) desert, and the heat is killing us. The night before my mom left she got the flu (or something making her throw up all night). We all felt so bad. We took her to the San Diego airport, and made it an excuse to go play at the beach and enjoy nice weather. On the drive home little Logan starting throwing up. He did the entire drive home. It was a nightmare. The next day Jillian started throwing up. Just what everyone needs, the flu while trying to get settled. Then we had a day off, I was happy that we had no other victims. Yesterday after church...another one down. Mallory starting throwing up! AHHHH!! Today we are a little bit better.

For some reason it seems very hard to get anything done here. I have tried and tried to get our HD cable hooked's still a no go. Not for another week and a half. It is amazing to me with all of our technology that I cannot have tv for over 2 weeks. I have been trying to figure out what school to put Mallory at. The one that is assigned to us, I have heard terrible things from almost everyone. Red flag! And the bus comes by at 6:50!!! That blows my mind. Who are these weirdo's that plan this. We are not in high school. Sometimes I would wake up at 6:50 and still make it to seminary. So we went out today in the HEAT, it was 116, to check out the charter school and get her name on the waiting list. Thanks to Gramma, we take our handy dandy squirt bottle and spray everyone down while in the car. This takes the edge off the heat a bit. We get there, Logan looks like a hot tamale, and I realize that he has a dirty diaper and I am wearing it all over my shirt and arms. YUCK!!! So we had to leave.

So my life right now seems to be running in circles. Hopefully in a few weeks things will be better. (we will have started school, Michael will be gone for more training and it will probably get even hotter) I won't hold me breath.

Things better pick up by Wednesday. I guess it will be my party and I can cry if I want too!!


  1. Oh that diaper disaster at the school sounds terrible! Hang in there-- I'm sure it will get better. It can't get much worse right!? :)

  2. Oh my goodness... sounds awful! Good luck! I hope things get easier!

  3. When we got into the car the other day at the Phoenix airport our car read 122. It is terrible. I feel your pain. Tucson has been around 112. Stay inside!! Relax a little and don't try to get everything done too fast. We miss you guys!

  4. You go ahead and cry all you want! Wish you were here, 108 is better than 116 for sure. Better yet, head on down to San Diego every weekend, that would give you something to look forward to :)
    We miss you guy!

  5. Cry! You will feel so much better and then things won't look quite as bleak! Sending happy wishes and love from NM.

  6. Oh, and by the way. . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  7. Oh - my goodness!!! Times like these just keeps motherhood extremely exciting! Is all I have to say. Also, you are welcome to come visit me anytime where it is only 95 instead of 122, (122-seriously?) Because I sure will be coming to Yuma when it's -4 here and 75 there!