Saturday, July 11, 2009

Temple Trip

We took a trip up to the temple this last week. My mom watched the kids while I did some temple work. We have been working on getting our family history done.
The Oakland temple is always so pretty.

Afterwards we went to Fenton's creamery. In the pixar movie "UP" the old man is sitting in front of Fenton's at the end of the movie. We decided to go try it since it is now famous. It was so so good. It makes other ice cream taste like garbage. If you are in the bay area, it is a must go!!

The girls shared the candylane sundae. The caramel sauce is a real homemade sauce that actually tastes like the caramel you make at home. I think I was licking their plate. And the homemade fudge...better than Ghiradelli!
My mom got this one. We should have shared, they were huge. She got the almond ice cream. Delicious. It was our favorite.
I got the fudgeanna. I thought Logan would want some of the bannans. He was going crazy over it. Everyone kept staring at him as he demanded some ice cream.


  1. Those look delicious.


  2. I know, Fenton's is ridiculous. I went there when we were visiting my sis in Vacaville. Fun times. We still need to go see that movie!