Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

Yeah Right....Being 30 makes me think of the movie 13 going on 30, how she wishes that she was 30. Somehow that movie has it all wrong. This morning I woke up to Logan having one of his diaper episodes. Mallory comes running in my room saying, "There is doo doo all over." Oh Crap is right! He had gotten poo all over his crib. From one end to the next. It took me awhile to get it all cleaned up, but then we were good.

We had a relaxed birthday today. All day long Jillian kept asking when it was going to be my birthday. I think she equates birthday to cake and presents! How it would be to be 4. Michael has had a busy first week in the office, getting new toys everyday. We went out for pizza when he got home. Then he took me to the store and let me pick out a TREADMILL!! I am so excited. I have wanted one for so long. (Let's face it, it is too hard to work out when the evening and early morning temps are over 100 degrees, you have 3 kids, and a busy husband who will be gone every now and then.) I haven't really been able to work out and lose all the dang baby weight since Logan. No more excuses now! Mallory was so cute and made Michael take her to Kneaders to get a cute thing she saw when we were there last week. She got me some cute decorative blocks that says, the best mom! How sweet is my Mallory. She is always thinking about somebody and always so sweet! Then we came home and had a Carvel ice cream cake. I have wanted to try one for a long time. It was pretty good!

So there, I am officially 30...which is good. Like Melene told me, I wouldn't have it any other way. I have my 3 kids and we are all healthy and happy as clams. (most of the time)

Don't want to think of the 40s...Mallory will be 18 . I will then have problems!


  1. I'm so glad you had a nice day. Well, other than the diaper problem. Time for the next size? Yea for the treadmill! You'll love it! Happy 30th!

  2. Melinda!
    Welcome to the 20-10 club! Happy Birthday! 30 is awesome!!!! Have a great year!

  3. You've got to work on the diaper problem - layer 2 diaper, one larger than the next, and duct tape them around his waist!!! Sounds like your birthday was about as fun as my birthday!! We've got to step it up!!

  4. Thanks for the reassurance the 30 thing isn't too bad. Just 27 more days for me!