Friday, September 18, 2009

Logan's 1st Birthday

September 11, 2009, my little Logan turned 1. Out of all the days to deliver, I had to on my actual due date. Who does that??? And he came out at 11:42 pm. So close to 9/12. Michael told me to stop pushing! Yeah right. 9/11 is a great day. A day to remember, to honor, to love, and to party! We opened our front door in the morning and found Logan's birthday present. He got his new car seat. He loved playing with the box more than anything. It was a funny shaped box, making it fun to play with.
I think Jillian loved the box a little more than Logan. So I am thinking for Christmas...we all get big boxes!
Here he is trying out his new seat. All he needs is a steering wheel and he is ready to go racing.
I love his new seat. It is so cushiony and just nicer than all the other seats we have had.
We had Del Taco for lunch. He loves eating the beans.

Logan is holding up is finger..."I am 1."

Trying to get a cute picture of him on his birthday. It was hard. It was so hot outside and not too many good places to set him.

We went to Famous Dave's for his birthday dinner. He told us he wanted to go there. He was a hoot at dinner. So busy, spilling drinks, throwing food all over, and demanding for more food. I think he ate as much as we did.

My cute little darlings.

My parents came for their little Grandson's birthday, which was so fun. Logan loves my Dad, although it took him awhile to remember him. We played a bunch of silly games to celebrate. All the kids had fun. Amazing what some music and chairs will do. Logan thought it was the best thing ever.
We played bean bag toss. Logan watched everyone play,so he "scooted" over and started playing himself. He figured out how to put the bags into the holes. So cute!

His cute Thomas the Train cake. I decided not to make one. It is just too hot to bake and stress over making a 1st birthday cake.

I set him up on the table to get a picture of him and his cake. He wanted to dive right into his cake. He was being so funny. He kept putting globs of frosting in his mouth.

He finally got his piece of cake to eat, and he did not want it at first. He was way more interested in playing with the plate that I put it on.

Then he stared eating the plate.

He got the little Fischer price mower, with great hopes that he will start walking one day and be able to use it. And he got his first big dump truck. It is very cute.

Here are some video clips that we took.

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