Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Stamped!!!

It has been months and months since I have stamped. I know, what a tragedy. I have so many stamp sets that I haven't even cut up yet. So I finally made time to sit and stamp. I don't think Logan liked it much. He likes my full attention. Spoiled little boy. So here are my cards!
This one is my favorite. I tried it with my snap brads and the rhinestone ones. I think I like the snaps better.

I love the colors of this one though!
This one is just okay. I need the smaller oval punch. I know what I will be ordering next.

It was fun to do the paper split cards.
Inside. I love this stamp set. So fun to use.

Oh, I love to see a messy craft table being used....Michael hates it. Especially since it is all in our living room. I won that battle!!

I found this little hutch on craigslist for $25. What a deal. They even brought it over to me. It is perfect for hiding my stamp stuff. I need some goo gone to take the tape off the glass.

It even has a drawer for my punches!

I bet you all want to stamp now! It's way fun, once you make yourself do it!

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  1. $25? That is amazing! And your cards are adorable!