Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My baby is ONE!!

I can't believe that my baby boy is already turning 1. It seems like I just came home from the hospital, trying to figure out life with 3 kids. I can still feel the pain of trying to get him here, ouch!! Some things don't fade as quickly!! I can remember the epidural episode that went on for at least 45 minutes, 12 tries with the big needle, lots and lots of blood and at the end no luck. Only to be left with feeling freaked out of the pain to come. (The pain was still fresh in my mind from Mallory. ) In the end it all turned out so good, without much pain. I would go through it again for my little Logan. He is the sweetest (not to mention cutest) little guy. I wanted to post some pictures of him when he was a little baby. They change so quickly it makes me sad. Logan loved to fall asleep on me and at night. That was the best ever. Now, he never falls asleep in my arms. I hardly get to see him asleep. This was one of his first pictures. I think he popped out so quick he didn't have much time to get all funny shaped! His face looks pretty round here.
My little Sweet pea. This picture makes me miss Tucson so so SO bad. I always put him by my sliding glass door to get some good light. Oh, how I love Tucson.

I love this little picture. He was such a cute little baby.
His Blessing Day.

We have had a great year with Logan ( half a year for Michael). He is so fun and silly now, scooting on his bum, refusing to crawl. I'll have to try and get a video clip of that because it is so funny. I need to go through the million and one birthday pictures of him and get it posted.


  1. So Cute! I hope we get a boy someday. Not any time soon, just someday! Maybe I'll have to go natural too-- my spinal was terrbile!

  2. What an adorable boy! So glad we finally got to meet him. We had so much fun visiting with you guys in that lovely oasis you live in. Can't wait to see you again next month!@ We are doing laundry so I was checking my email and blogs. Thanks for all your fun advice - OTMC was great.