Saturday, September 26, 2009


Monday my sister called me and told me she had an extra ticket to the MILEY CYRUS concert. Mallory, being the sneaky listener that she is, overheard me and immediately started in with the "PLEASE MOM" bit. I told her no and hung up. After about 2 minutes of listening to Mallory, I called her right back and said....OK. So we jumped in our car the next morning and drove up to L.A., all by ourselves. ( I guess when the husband is gone so much, we can do crazy things). That night Ella and Mallory went to the concert with Ella's Dad, making him favorite Uncle (he has to take clients for work). Amanda and I wanted to go so bad! Ready to go "Party in the USA"
I never get to go to fun concerts, especially at 8 years old.

Here they are during the concert.

Amanda and I left at home to take care of the little babies! Sally and Logan being silly!

We decided to stay the next day and hit the beach. We even got Mallory boogie boarding.

Mr. Logan is a NIGHTMARE at the beach. He ate sand ALL day long, rubbed it in his eyes, and cried for most of the day, making Sally look like a little angel (usually it is the other way around). It was definitely not a "day at the beach". Still so nice to be away from here and enjoy the beautiful ocean and cooler temps.

My little Mallory doing her first ride on the boogie board. This totally reminds me of me at Newport boogie boarding growing up...just need MaryAnn at my side!

The next day we drove home. I thought we should make it to school Friday. We went into San Diego and ate at our favorite Mexican joint, OTMC. We love the corn tortillas.
Then we stopped at an outlet shopping place to do a little shopping, and playing. We had a blast taking off and being with our cousins. I love letting Mallory go to the concert and making memories with her cousin that she will remember forever. We will see them in another week...more vacations to come! Thanks Uncle David for the concert!

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  1. Looks like fun! I want to come for some yummy Mexican food!