Monday, November 2, 2009


This year for Halloween we went to our ward trunk-or-treat. They do it on Halloween night here, which I thought was weird at first, but then it turned out for the better. There are only a handful of houses within walking distance from us, and the trunk-or-treat was a 3 ward thing. Michael had to work a detail that weekend, so once again I was riding solo with the kids. Halloween is so not my favorite holiday, but I did like getting the kids dressed up. They were so excited to wear my make-up. My little Jillian looked SO precious. I tried to straighten her hair as much as I could and round brush it. I thought it looked adorable. I will be doing that more. It curled under so cute!
I couldn't stop taking pictures of her. I absolutely love this age for Halloween. I kept telling her she looks like a doll. Then all night she kept asking "Am I still your little doll?" Too cute.

We have no good spots to take pictures in this lovely sandy oasis. Sand is EVERYWHERE!!!!

Mallory decided to be Mulan. She wanted to be Hannah Montana, of course, but I talked her out of that. She has so many darling princess dresses and I want her to wear princess dresses as long as we can!! She is growing up too quickly. She looks really cute. Her deciding point between Mulan and holiday Belle was wearing my black eyeliner. Such a girl.

At the church waiting around for everyone to come. It was such a beautiful night. I thought we would get a little chilly but we did not. Poor Logan got really sweaty.

Logan's favorite was eating a sucker in his stroller while we trick-or-treated. He was going crazy over it.
After trick-or-treating we came home and played with our candy. Logan was having a hay day with the girls candy. He would hit it all and then giggle so hard. I tried to get some on video. He was loving all the suckers too.


  1. So Cute! I'm all about keeping them Princesses as long as possible-- I already lost Katelyn! I love that Mulan costume!