Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Day At The Beach

After our 2 days at Sea World we were looking forward to a beach day. We finally made it to La Jolla Shores. We have tried to get there before and always end up lost. It is a fantastic beach for kids...and Logan. Once again Logan scooted down to the water and loved it. The water was really cold and he didn't even notice...he did turn bright red after a few minutes.

Sassy and Sweet! Jillian doesn't really like to play in the ocean. Papa finally got her in after a few hours.

Papa found some big seaweed for Mallory.

The real reason why we go to San Diego...OTMC...Old Town Mexican Cafe. We ate here twice, it is so good. We cannot get enough of the hot corn tortillas with butter and salt. YUMMY!!

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  1. That trip looks like so much fun! It makes me really miss San Diego. And I love La Jolla-- I've been going to that beach since I was a little kid. Fun! Fun!