Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sea World

Last week we took off and went to San Diego for some fun. Mallory has been begging to go to Sea World for her birthday. We will be going lots more too. We all have passes for the rest of this year AND all of next! Awesome!! We went for 2 days and had a blast. The kids absolutely loved all the animals, the rides and the fun shows...and I shouldn't leave out all the theme park junk! My parents got in on all the fun too. They flew down and stayed with us. The kids loved staying in their hotel room and being silly with Papa all night. My mom brought super cute hair clips from Del Sol. We were trying to get a picture of us with them in. They change to color in the sun!
Our favorite Sea World treat is the Shamu bar. When we went 6 years ago I did NOT share mine with Mallory. She has reminded me of this ever since...so I got her one of her very own!

The Shamu show was totally awesome. They had 7 whales jumping all at the same time. I can't wait to go back and see it again. We had awesome seats, but did get wet....thanks to Papa!

They have the best pickles at Sea World. I just couldn't resist. Every time I would buy one the girls would swipe it away. I'm thinking it is genetic. (thinking my blog title is very appropriate after this trip)

I love these shirts...they are so touristy.

This is the cool water ride, Atlantis. Mallory loved it. We made Jillian go on it and she freaked out.

My cute Arctic boys.

Gramma and Mallory...it is cold down in the arctic.
We loved watching the beluga whales. We could have stared at them all day. We figured out what Logan resembles...white, big, and really cute!

The dolphins at Sea World were so stinkin' cute. We were inches away from them while they were training. The trainers are so cute with them. I think we stood there for an hour. Mallory wants to be a Sea World trainer now...who wouldn't???

I guess we loved all of Sea World...the Rays were our favorite too. The rays at Monterey are so stuck up. They never let anyone touch them. Here they were practically jumping out of the water. The girls got into this. They stayed there forever playing with them. Papa bought some food so the girls could feed them. That was crazy. They were splashing everywhere.

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  1. What fun! Tell Jillian thanks for the letter! Bryson was soooooo excited! He'll be sending one back soon.