Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Mallory

Today my sweet little Mallory turned 9. It is just crazy how time flies. It seems like just yesterday I was trying to figure out how to take care of a baby. I am so so so incredibly blessed that Mallory is our first. She is one of the sweetest girls and ALMOST always does everything just right. She is so thoughtful and is always making sure that I am okay. Mallory is usually thinking of something she can do that will help somebody else. She brought home her report card yesterday, to find out she earned straight A's with the exception of a B in math which I think is a bunch of crap, but that is another story. We have moved her around more than any other child should have to move in their WHOLE life and she is only in 3rd grade. She continues to surprise me and I love her so much.

Since we are fairly new to our town, I thought it would be good for Mallory to have a little...and I really was meaning little, birthday party. She is starting to make friends and not feel like the new girl. My intentions were good, but things got a bit crazy that day. I was feeling bad for not making anyones cake, so I decided to make Mallory her cake. I am SO NOT a cake decorator. It is highly stressful and makes my hands super tired. Not a good activity to do while you have a million other things to get done! She wanted a dolphin cake since we are going to Sea World for her birthday. It turned out way better than I thought and Mallory loved it so much. She was shocked that I made it. I guess that is all that matters! So I hurried to finish the cake, clean up, and get everything else ready. It took me extra long to pick her up from school too. We have ballet on Friday's. So we hurried home, got her ready, and then she lost the ballet bag with her shoes in it. We ripped the house apart trying to find them, and then gave up. I was SUPER SUPER mad. She finally found them and we were a half hour late. So things just got off to a bad start for us...but the party ended up being fun for the kids.
I cannot write with frosting. It looks like a 3 year old wrote on it.

I will say that my layers turned out very even. I got the Wilton 9x13 which is awesome. This is 2 cake mixes too.

We made cute party favor bags.

Here is Mallory ready for ballet minus the shoes!

We played some balloon games outside while everyone was coming.

We painted some little wooden boxes and mod podged cute paper and jewels on top and then put some vinyl lettering on top. They turned out cute. We had pizza while we waited for the boxes to dry. Logan and Jillian decided to cry for most of the party and Michael was at work. I would say the noise level was off the charts. My head still hurts.

Happy Birthday to Mallory! (I am glad birthdays come once a for Jillian's birthday in a few more weeks...I am SO tired!!!)


  1. Melinda - the cake turned out awesome! You haven't given yourself enough credit. You are a wonderful mom with so many talents and your creativity always amazes me. Wish we lived closer because we'd be quite the team when it comes to parties, fun, and our kids. Love ya!

  2. That cake was great! And that party was NOT little! If it involves mod podging anything it's not small!!! But I'm sure it was fun!