Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baby Shower

For Young Women's this week we had a surprise baby shower for the YW pres. The girls have been planning this activity for a couple of months. It turned out great and was tons of fun. I decided to try making cake pops for little party favors. I have never made them and I now know why! They were NOT that easy. It took lots of tries to figure it out. Once I got them working it went pretty good. They ended up looking cute.
We also made a diaper cake...I think they always look cute. This one was pretty simple. We used the Target diapers with blue and green polka dots. I love it!
The theme for the shower was the Mad Hatter from Alice. A couple other leaders made this insane cake. They spent hours making it, then it fell apart the morning of the shower and needed a cake Dr. I think it turned out awesome.
She even made all the layers swirly colors.


  1. wow, that is totally awesome!! Once again, why aren't you living here and in Young Women's with me!!??? :)
    The cake pops look awesome, I love those little buggers. I have to make apple shaped ones next week, wish me luck.