Sunday, April 11, 2010

CAUTION: Baby on the Move!!!!

Since Logan has been fully mobile things have been a little difficult, hectic, gross, crazy, out of control, and just plain scary!!! Particularly the last week. So, one morning last week I brought Logan to my bed to snuggle for a few minutes. He just wants to get off the bed to play in my jewelry box and on my treadmill. I guess I fell back to sleep for a couple minutes. I jumped up out of bed to find Logan. I ran through the house and found the front door open. He was chillin' on our grass sucking on a soda can someone had thrown . SCARY!!

Then a few days later he was playing in our backyard while I was doing homework with Mallory. I started smelling something strange coming from outside, didn't think much of it...we get strange smells out here. Before bed I noticed it was still strong. Michael investigated and figured out he had turned on our BBQ. SCARY!!!!

Then today at church we had more Logan moments. He was "helping" me get some things out of the YW closet. I walked back to the YW room thinking he was following me. He wasn't. He disappeared quickly. Since we meet early, the other ward was in the middle of their Sacrament meeting. Apparently he walked right in their meeting thinking he knew what to do. I guess another man found him wandering around and picked him up. My friend and I were running around the building trying to find him. He was smiling and giggling when I found a strange man holding an exact look a like to Logan. He hates nursery but loves strange men. SCARY!!!

After I found Logan we attempted to go to YW. He quickly did "his business" so we went to the bathroom to take care of that item of importance. I put him on the floor while I was wrapping the diaper up. He quickly turned the corner and found the toilet. Yes, he was swirly his hands around in the water. GROSS!!!!

I don't know what I am going to do with this boy of mine. I now live in constant fear of his life. He is really cute though, and now says mama so endearingly sweet!

It is like my baby grew up over night. He is huge now that he is a vertical baby.


  1. Sounds like he's going to keep you on your toes! Boys definitely like more gross stuff than girls! Good luck!!!

  2. He looks so grown up in that hat. And toilets are the best place to play, don't you know?

  3. I think I better call child protective services!

  4. So glad Logan is giving you everything you need to experience as the mother of a boy. I was getting worried that we hadn't heard too many of these stories - now I can smile and then race to find my quiet 18 month old!