Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break Staycation

We decided to stay home for our Spring Break. We have been sooo tired since our Disneyland trip, a crazy week of soccer, and all the sickness. So, we had fun hanging around and best of all...sleeeeeping in!

The county fair was here, so we went with our friends on dollar day.
This is Jillian and her friend Cole. They were too cute riding together on this little roller coaster.

Mallory was a dare devil and went on some crazy fair rides.

It was 90 degrees the day we went. HOT!! I love the random lady in the background. I wish I could send this picture to her. (This is what our town looks like here...that is mean. They are all starting to leave now)
This was Logan's first adventure out where he could walk....he is going to be a busy one.

I HAD to take a picture of the art entries at the fair. I thought this one in particular was so creative and the level of difficulty looks quite extreme. COME ON PEOPLE!!!

The rest of the week the kids had fun hanging around and playing. They don't get much time to do that. They love making pillow pits and jumping in them and snuggling in them too.

We started the sprinklers back up and they remember going out at 7:00 and running around in them last summer...I just love that. It makes a grassy mess in my laundry room.
The girls decorated a box and we grew Easter grass in it. The grass actually grew.

They like to lay our beach towels out on the grass and put a box over them (I'm thinking it's suppose to be like a sun shade). I'm sure our neighbors think we are weird.


  1. Wow - it looks more like summer vacation! Where do you live that it is so hot? We've had jeans, coats, and shoes and socks on...all while the fire is going! Tonight it will be 30 degrees at moms - yikes!

  2. The sun shade is pitiful. And I am glad that you took pictures of the special flower crafts--you would hate to forget such a wonderful thing.