Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter and Earthquakes

Easter this year was a little different. We usually go to my sister's for Easter and Michael is usually in some Academy. So we were kinda excited to stay home and have Michael home too. My parents were suppose to come but they had to bail at the last minute...I guess we live in a non-vacation zone! We did our usual Easter traditions....dyed tons of eggs, had a big egg hunt, a big dinner with LOTS of friends, and you know...have a HUGE earthquake!!! That is right, we live so close to Mexico we felt their big earthquake. It was 7.2 and lasted a long 45 seconds, which seemed a lot longer at the time. Stuff started falling off my shelves and my walls. It was crazy. The rest of the day we had pretty big after shocks. I still feel like our house is shaking. I haven't been in a big earthquake since I was little living near San Francisco. It definitely shook all of us up.

Looks like a big mess...we had so much fun dying eggs. Logan slept the whole time, so the girls and I dyed almost 4 1/2 dozen. Boiled egg anyone???

We left these eggs in all night. We like to see how dark they can get.

Easter morning was different not having to go to church. It was great watching conference and being able to stay home. I did miss getting my kids all dressed up and having cute egg hunt pictures. They specifically asked if they could hunt for eggs in their jammies. The girls woke up at 6:00, which was crazy. They don't even get up that early for Christmas morning.

Logan loves his big ball that the bunny brought him.

He also got a basket full of cars. His favorite thing.

He got this hat too. He loves wearing baseball hats now...just like daddy!
After they looked through their baskets it was hunting time. The bunny came and left his footprints. Pretty cute bunny.

Logan didn't want to hunt for eggs. He was having too much fun with his new truck!

He finally got some shoes that fit him. He has had 3 different sizes in the last month. He looks SO big now that he is walking.
Love looking for eggs in the sand....so deserty! The bunny even put Disneyland pins in the eggs...50 of them. He must be a good shopper!!

Logan got his own ZhuZhu pet, finally. He steels the girls and has a fit if he can't have them. So I guess the girls are happier they don't have to share anymore.
I made paper carrots to go one every one's dinner plate. They are filled with yummy chocolate!

I made our favorite Easter tradition...PB eggs. I branched out and made coconut eggs too. I thought they were good, others did not!
We had a few families come over for dinner. We had ham, potatoes, and I tried some orange rolls. They turned out better than I thought. I made my favorite carrot cake too. I think I like it WAY better than any chocolate cake.


  1. You are seriously AMAZING! Wish I could have been tehre for those orange rolls! Move to ABQ

  2. Amen on the orange rolls and carrot cake. I am feeling hungry just thinking of it. I can't believe you did so many eggs!

  3. Crazy about the earthquake! Looks like you had lots of yummy fun! Exactly how many pieces of candy are in those millions of eggs your girls each have?! Score!

  4. Melinda-- I found your blog through my sister. I can't believe how much your girls look like you. Mary Ann told me about the PB eggs...we need the recipe!

  5. What kid of rabbit hops with all 4 feet together? Logan looks so big!!!

  6. It looks like you had such a fun Easter! You did so many fu things! i would have liked the coconut eggs! i am not cray about that other crunchy filling!!