Saturday, May 15, 2010

Silly Logan

We let our friends use our play car when their little boy was Logan's age. We didn't really have room to move it and sharing toys like this is fun. When we went to visit last week, Logan immediately became GLUED to this car. We took it home...which I do feel a little guilty about. Logan loves it. He is so possessive over it. It has actually caused a little uproar in our home. The level of screaming has become louder. Jillian intentionally bugs Logan by climbing in and on it ALL of the time.

Logan is definitely MY boy. Even though he doesn't look like me at all (it is quite weird..the only reason I know he is mine is from his CUTEST feature, his chin). He LOVES shoes. The first thing he does in the morning is walk around carrying his shoes. He will whine and fuss till I can get his footed jammies off and put his shoes on. Early in the morning you can find Logan wearing only his diaper and shoes.
Our good friends gave us these cute boots. He couldn't wear them when they fit him best since he wasn't walking. Now, I have to cram his foot in them and good luck getting them off!!! We are going to find some new boots that will be more fitting. For now, I have to tuck them away in his time capsule so they won't ruin his feet. I thought he was too funny wearing them around.

This video is of Logan's "new" thing. When we ask him something that he wants he reply's, "YaYaYa" and bounces up and down. We often ask him questions just to see his reply. It is Jillian's favorite thing to do. She always asks him if he wants a tubby. It is sorta mean, he ends up bouncing up and down at the bath tub.

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  1. That car is going to get someone killed...I cannot believe you have baby cowboy boots. But Owen loves shoes too which I find odd.