Friday, May 28, 2010

We Made It!

Summer is here! Today was the last day of school. Shout Hooray. I can't believe we made it to the end. My sweet little Mallory is now going to be a 4th grader. YIKES!!!

This week has definitely been a fight. Talk about enduring to the end...the end of a VERY VERY long school year. We have had an uphill battle with education here, but I know it will be getting better. The end of year activities always get so busy. It seems like it just sneaked up on us. Mallory had to get teeth pulled this week also, which added LOTS of stress. She did awesome and isn't scared of the dentist anymore. Then our friends are moving this week. We have been trying to help where we can. It is hard to have friends move away. We are always the ones to move. We have never had this to deal with. Jillian cried tonight because she wanted to play with her friend Emily in the morning. I had to remind her that she won't be here was very sad.

So, it has been quite the week. We are so pumped for summer but mainly for SLEEP. I am kinda forgetting what that is. Here is Mallory walking out of her classroom (it was a free dress day).
Singing the sweet tune of SUMMER!

Mallory and her friend that we carpool with.

Mallory giving her teacher a hug. So sweet!

Logan and Jillian were just hanging out, watching all the big kids. Weird to think Jillian will be here ALL day next year...I mean ALL day too. Our school day is ridiculously long!
We went to lunch with some friends after school. I LOVED not packing a lunch!

Crazy bunch!

After lunch we went swimming at our Bishops house. He is so awesome and always lets us swim. He has one of the nicer pools too. The kids had a blast. I wish we could do this everyday.

Mallory has the Sharpay look down. She was thinking she was in HSM 2.

I love pictures of kids jumping in the water. They are so funny...especially this little fish.

I love Jillian's stance here. She looks hard core!

Yea!!! We had such a fun day. I need a good week of sleep to catch up though. Now we just have to finish up Mallory's dance next week. She has a recital, then we'll be totally done. We will be off to San Diego, Disneyland, and Gramma and Papa's for the summer. Let the fun begin!


  1. Ur brave to attempt Disneyland during summer! Yikers! Have fun! If u go to your sis' call me! U know they're opening a Cafe Rio in Oxnard?!

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