Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas and the Magical Ham!

Christmas morning finally came. The kids were so excited and wanted to run out to the family room to see what Santa had brought. We made them wait until 8:30, which is early for us. They usually sleep until 10:00 on Christmas morning. Logan went straight for his big garbage truck and was happy with that. He finally discovered that this bike was for him. He does love trucks, and he did get a million!
He was all about opening presents!

He played in the kitchen for hours on Christmas...i guess the trucks go better on flat ground!

My sister made the girls super cute aprons!

Jillian with her Santa surprises!

I love having a little boy...trucks are so fun to buy him (and cheaper than what my girls like)

Santa brought our family the wii (or was it for my brothers????) The kids love playing it. I'm proud to teach them how to master mario brothers!!

Mallory was so excited for her pink i home.

Gramma gave Mallory the cutest American Girl outfit.
After presents, Papa heated the spa and the kids got to swim on Christmas Day! It started raining on them but they didn't care. They had tons of fun!

It took Logan about 1 second after he woke up from his nap to figure out what was going on.
He loves playing with Papa in the spa, especially with all the bubbles.

We had such a fun Christmas Day, and even better Christmas dinner. I finally got to eat the ham that I had been craving for weeks and weeks. I think since that gross turkey day I had been craving ham. And it was magical. After eating all that I could I magically felt better. The morning sickness started going away instantly! I could so go for some right now. I need my mom back to cook for me.

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  1. Trucks and boy things DO look like so much fun to buy! And the spa looks like so great!