Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holiday Tea

For Christmas this year we decided to get out of this town and visit my family in California. After doing Thanksgiving while so sickly pregnant I wanted nothing to do with anymore holiday cooking! So, we made it through the super rainy trek that took us almost 13 hours instead of 10.

Our first item of business was tea. We haven't been to tea for the "Holiday Tea." All of the girls got to go, even Aunt Megan. We left all the guys home to watch football and eat salami. Tea was so cute and fun!
Jillian's "Princess" plate was adorable! She loved it all.
Mallory likes the "Queen" tea better, it's the one for adults. She loves all the little tea sandwiches it comes with.

Jillian started being a little bit naughty, so I took them to walk around. She was done acting like a princess and wanted to be crazy!
This was Aunt Megan's first time to tea. The girls were thrilled that she came. Megan is their favorite!

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