Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Eve

The kids were so anxious for Christmas Eve to come...they were SO hyper!!! It didn't help with all the Uncles around to make them hyper either!! We had a fun dinner, some Christmas stories, and the nativity. Then we went caroling to Gramma's neighbors and went to see an awesome house all lite up. It even had a little train for the kids to play in and pretend snowy bubbles. The kids loved it! We let the kids open 1 present which always turns out to be new Christmas jammies. Then we played games with the kids...Gramma had a new game called Telestrations which was really fun for kids. The girls got more hyper and didn't want to go to bed!! After they were in bed the adults played Texas Holdem until 1:00AM. We all brought fun gifts for the poker pot, which made it fun. Then we had to get busy with our Christmas Eve set up. So, I think every Christmas we need to be with my brothers (who have no kids) so are totally helpful and got everything put together in matter of minutes. It was awesome.
Logan loved his new Buzz PJs.

He wanted to keep opening up all the presents.

Cute jammie girls!

They started getting a little bit silly!
Then just crazy!
Think they were looking for more presents!
Naughty little girls!

Christmas Eve complete!!! My moms tree was so awesome.

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