Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fenton's Ice Creamery...YUMMY

We finally made it to Fenton's with everybody! My mom and I always want to take everyone to the yummiest ice cream ever, but some of the boys are not as adventurous. We took the girls while we were living there a year and a half ago, and have wanted to go back ever since! It was definitely NOT easy. We did get a little lost, in Oakland, and the parking is insane...I MEAN INSANE!!!! So worth it though! We made a night out of it and went to see the lights at the Temple after...which ended up being another adventure lost in Oakland! Mallory got the December special, Peppermint and Chocolate! The homemade hot fudge is to die for!

Michael shared with Logan..actually, Logan shared with Michael. Logan loves ice cream, especially with candy canes. He was in heaven. (for a minute, then he had a tantrum and we had to leave)

They are SO BIG!!! None of us ate dinner though, so ice cream for dinner???

Me and Megan...her ice cream sundae was HUGE!! I got the sundae with the almond ice cream, which is the best ever!

Jillian's ice cream is SO Jillian (and me when I was little!!) Bubble gum with chocolate fudge! She loved sucking out all the balls of bubble gum.

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  1. That looks SO yummy! It reminds me of Leatherby's in Utah when I was little.