Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Hallie Janelle

Little baby Hallie was born July 10 at 3:30 am...that is in the morning! I had all day to go into labor, but she wanted to wait for me to be good and tired!! She was 8lbs 9oz, and 21 inches long, a very big baby. No wonder I was so uncomfortable. I had been dialated to a 4 for about a week, so the doctor warned me that my labor would be fast. She was right! I had a few strong contractions about midnight, but nothing regular. We were all up helping (or watching) Jeff and Megan pack for Hawaii. They were leaving that morning at 6. I wasn't sure if I really was in labor or not. My mom kept telling me we should get to the hospital but I told her no, and sent her to bed. Then I had 2 strong contractions 8 minutes apart and thought maybe she was right. So I gathered my stuff, and we left the house about 2:30. It took a long time to check in (they make you go to the ER ad check in, and I was already registered too). Once I got up there they checked me, I was at a 6. I called Michael and told him the baby was coming. My water broke right away, which was the first time it has ever broke on its own. And 30 minutes later Hallie was born. It was a super intense 30 minutes which involved me screaming for medicine the whole time. I had a horrible on call doctor. The only thing he said to me was that if I wanted the pain to go away then I should push. He was such a jerk. I am glad it was fast and had no complications!

This is her first picture.

She came out screaming. I nursed her and then went straight for the binkie. she had to have it in or she would scream.

I had her on Sunday, so before church the girls came for a quick peek at their new sister.

The hospital was no fun at all. I was all by myself and Hallie never slept. She was sooo fussy!
She looks like baby Jillian here.

I do look awful. Don't think I had slept in a LONG time.

She has a big is so round!

Getting dressed to go home.

Leaving the hospital (only to return a day and a half later).

She looks so tiny in her seat. (My friend made me this super cute car seat cover...I love it)

Finally home with all the kids. I was so glad not to be alone in the hospital. Really missed having a husband through all of this. I would NOT suggest it at all! He will pay!


  1. Love those BIG sweet babies! Its the only kind we get around here! Sounds like it was an intense half hour - but I did that with #3 and I'd do it again in a heartbeat rather than do an induction and epidural. You are AWESOME and she's perfect!

  2. Congratulations! You look great Melinda and you are the toughest woman in the world. The part where you had to call Michael to tell him the baby was coming made me burst into tears. You are amazing to have done that without him. I am glad that it is over and you have another beautiful girl. I hope that you get a some sleep in the next little while. I am so glad that you are all well.