Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July

We had a fun filled 4th of July this year. The kids made their own shirts with Uncle Jeff and Auntie Megan. Thy had a blast learning how to tie dye.

Uncle Jeff was making them be silly!

We made homemade Root was yummy!

The kids loved all the smoke from the dry ice.

This kept Logan busy all afternoon.

Papa BBQ the kids hot dogs and corn...yum yum. Think Logan dipped everything in the ketchup. He's my boy!!

We made some delicious homemade ice cream too.

Then we did some sparklers and some little fountains. Logan got a little scared.

Slightly dangerous...give a 2 year old a stick with fire!

Uncle Jeff is always coming up with something new. Floating fireworks. It was pretty funny.

We got to celebrate Megan's birthday too. We had yummy brownies with our homemade ice cream and strawberries and then opened presents. We had a fun day shopping at Macy's in the morning, swimming all afternoon, and watching the capital 4th....all hoping to go into labor and get this little girl out!! No luck though.

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