Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fair Time

The girls got to go to the fair with Gramma and Papa. I didn't want to waddle around the fair chasing Logan who can't ride any of the dangerous rides! They had so much fun riding until they got sick...Mallory threw up all night, so badly! Don't think she can have nachos for a long time!!

They even enjoyed the sweet concert, Roy Clark! Jillian thought it was going to be a Taylor Swift concert....that would have been an awesome county fair concert!

Jillian saved her money to play all the little games to win stuffed animals. Her piggy is really cute!

I guess Mallory talked Gramma into letting her go on the crazy swings! Kinda scary, right?

Jeff and Megan showed up and played with the kids...made the girls night!

Silly kids! I sure missed out on all the fun!

Think this was the favorite ride of the night.

Mallory doesn't want ice cream for awhile either!!

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