Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a super busy usual. We had a big dinner with our friends, neighbors, and missionaries. We had a blast. We played lots of gift games, and Christmas Bingo. I made all the Christmas traditional food, Ham, potato casserole, roasted vegetables, yummy homemade rolls, and of course peppermint ice cream pie for dessert! The kids were all so hyper, the missionaries tend to make them a bit crazy. After everyone left, around 10:30, we quickly got the kids to bed and started all the work! Michael was up until 2:30, due to a certain somebody's train table. He was not happy. 9:00 church came way to quick. The kids opened up their new Christmas jammies. This was the only good picture of all the kids. Logan had to have to chips, and Hallie was so cranky. She may have been ignored and passed from Mallory and Jillian all day.Christmas is so NOT a relaxing time

I love love love the girls purple snowman jammies...from Kohls.

We never found all of our Christmas ornaments, so our tree was a little funny this year. (They are still MIA...have no idea where those DUMB packers stashed them).

I love having a baby at Christmas. Hallie is at such a fun and cute stage.


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  2. Your kids are adorable and you are right, Christmas is so not relaxing. I have to tell you that when the unpackers were unpacking us on this end, I mentioned our packers were inept and they said that it was the WORST packing job they have ever seen. They said it was like the packers had never been trained. Imagine that. In Yuma. Who would have guessed? I still miss the awesome friends, but that is the only (oh wait the cheap citrus)...that sums up what I miss about Yuma. And I miss you. I hope you are doing well.