Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thanksgiving 2011

We were at my parents house for Thanksgiving...after last year I was NOT going to cook and threw up all day. It was a great day. My mom, Mallory, and I cooked most of the day.

There was some leaf playing. Not sure if my kids even knew that it okay to roll around in them. They had a blast.

Logan and Papa did the apples for our apple pie.

Michael hid in the bedroom with my ipad most of the time...as long as he had Hallie I was ok!

She is a Daddy's girl FOR SURE!

Cute little Turkey!

All the cooker-girls, and the turkey. Turned out yummy!

Logan had his eye on his chocolate turkey from See's all day. He wanted to break right into first thing. He knew he had to eat his turkey first...so he gobbled up his dinner so fast. He was on to his chocolate before I even started eating. Hallie cried through most of the dinner. Always lovely!

Nana and Mallory

Finally my chocolate!!!

Telling the pilgrim story!

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  1. I'm glad you recovered from last year and were able to eat turkey! Fun fall pictures!