Friday, January 27, 2012

Jillian is 7!!!

My Little JilliPop is already 7!!! So Crazy! It seems like since she turned 3 the years have all meshed together. She is spunky and crazier than ever...keeps us questioning why we decided to have children...not nice but true. She just has a bigger than life personality that is HARD to tame. She is a sweetheart too. We celebrated her birthday at my parents house while we were visiting for Thanksgiving.

She got presents from Gramma and Papa, and Nana!

Fijit joined our family...thanks to the grandparents. It is a fun toy!

Nana got her super cute boots and some cute clothes!

Nana and Jillian

We had brownie sundae's.

Back at home on her real birthday we had a little family party minus Michael...he was out Elk Hunting. I think Jillian will hold this against him for awhile. She said she was like the girl in Mr. Popper's Penguins, whose dad was never there on her sad! After school we went to the movie and then she chose Panda Express for dinner...her absolute favorite!

Don't judge me on this was good. I have not been on my domestic-crafty game for awhile!

My sis made her this super cute purse and filled full of smelly store things (Bath and Body Works)

She still loves Barbies! The thing on her forehead is a monkey tattoo...I got a pack of them at Hobby Lobby for fun, and only Jillian would put it right on her head. Silly Girl!

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