Monday, May 11, 2009

Already 8 Months

How did Logan get to be 8 months already??? That is only 1 month less than the dang pregnancy. I guess the real question is, why does pregnancy feel like FOREVER? Anyway, here is my cute baby boy at 8 months. Logan has had a very big month. He grew in his first tooth, shortly followed by his second one. It was not a happy thing. It cost me 2 trips to the doctor. He also had a nasty infection at the same time, but maybe it was all just the teeth.
You can kinda see his teeth here. They are still growing up, but oh so pointy, which kills while he is eating, if you know what I mean!! OUCH!
He can totally sit on his own, but probably will fall if someone walks behind him. He tries to look at you and his big noggin tips him over.And the best thing...he sleeps ALL night long...that is right from about 9 to 6:30 or 7:00. This is huge for us. I have been getting up with him 5-6 times a night, and then up for good around 7. I started falling apart. I just hurt everywhere and could not make it through the day without my PEPSI, CHOCOLATE and MOTRIN.
Logan actually has a little resemblance of my family in this picture. I think it is the eyebrows or something.
Logan is my super HAPPY baby. Except if Papa is in the room he fusses until he comes to pick him up, so Papa can't come in the room unless he wants to play!
Here's the little fish face. I love all the faces babies make. So cute!I love my little baby boy. He is so fun and so different than my girls, which I love just as much! He is starting to say Mama too.


  1. He is the most handsome little guy! I love it!

  2. He is so adorable and they do grow up least faster than we think when we are pregnant.

  3. I can see his baby tooth! I remember when Sally's tooth was just popping up - now she has a mouthful! When is he going to grow hair? He is more bald than Sally!

  4. What a cutie!!! It seems like you just had him! Hard to believe 8 mo. has already gone by! Sorry he's getting teeth so early. That was deal breaker for Maddy and me. I quite nursing at 9 mo. Luckily my other kids weren't biters like she was!

  5. Hi Melinda! I just found your blog and it's so fun to see what you're cute family is up to. Your baby is absolutely adorable!