Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day

The parents went to the big Island, Hawaii, and brought back these cute plumeria clips. I love plumerias, they are so Hawaiian, don't you think? It has been nothing but guava juice and macadamia nuts galore. I so need to vacation there...maybe when I have my 40th anniversary I'll get to go. Glad they are back, it is hard to be by myself with 3 crazy kids, Nana, Rascal, and all the flowers to water. I only killed the sweet peas! (At least it wasn't rascal)So we had a laid back Memorial Day since they got in really late Sunday. We didn't even BBQ. We did swim and the girls made Papa start a fire so they could roast marshmallows.
Gramma got the big Shamu boat out. The girls loved it.
I always love pictures of the kids jumping off the diving board..something about it! Jillian looks as light as a feather.
We started taking Logan into the spa. He loves it. It totally chills him out.
We thought we needed to start teaching him how to boogie board. He was screaming. I think he hated it, but then he hates to be on his tummy. Silly Logan. Maybe we'll go straight for the surf board.
Love the swim shorts!

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  1. I love the clips your parents brought back. I too would LOVE to go to Hawaii!!! Hopefully some day! The pictures of the kids were so CUTE! We really miss you guys!