Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa!

Papa's birthday was on May 1st, and boy, did we have a party!!! Okay, not really. We went to see the movie Earth, which we loved, and then went for some yummy Mexican food. The Hemming's always do Mexican, they should move to Tucson. Gramma made her famous German chocolate cake, and a plain white cake for the kids, and Kyle
Papa got his very own sombrero at dinner. I think it is a keeper.

Can you tell who loves birthday parties? it Jillian's birthday??

Two little buddies. Logan loves Papa and always wants to hang out with him. They are gonna start a "guy club."


  1. Like I said before, your blog makes me so hungry for some yummy treats!

  2. Fried Artichokes.... sounds yummy I'll have to try them sometime. I thought you weren't down with exotic cuisine?