Tuesday, August 4, 2009

San Diego

I finally got around to uploading some pictures to my computer so I could blog. This was in San Diego a couple weeks ago. My mom flew out of here so we drove her down to the airport. The beach is so beautiful. I am thinking we may go back next weekend before Michael leaves for training. Michael was happy to have his little baby boy back. The twins missed each other!
Logan loved the water.

This was actually when we were driving to move. We stopped in San Diego to get some yummy food at OTMC (Old Town Mexican Cafe) It is the best. I would say maybe better than our favorite, Molinitos in Tucson (Oh how I miss that)

Logan loved jammin' to the Mariachi band. He is becoming quite the partier.


  1. I love that pic of Logan with his scrunched up face. Michael goes to training again so soon? I didn't remember he was going to be gone again so soon. You two are going to forget how to live with eachother! Hee hee. Miss you tons!

  2. It is so fun to see Baby Logan with his DADDY!!!

  3. Logan's expressions are so cute!