Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ballet Hair Do

We found this idea on one of my hair blogs listed. It is so fun to do. It looks so pretty and fancy. It just takes about 20 little rubber bands and 15 minutes. Mallory was going to her ballet class. She looked like a little ballerina


  1. We totally did that one for Maddy on Sunday and then again during the week for school. Very fancy looking, but pretty easy. Did you have a hard time getting the extra hair to stay tucked under? I feel like I used a ton of bobby pins, but it stayed all day - even at school.

  2. I used 6 bobby pins, one for each section. Mallory probably has shorter hair, and finer hair than Maddy. It was a bit tricky to get the ends tucked in without it looking funny.Love the hair blogs!

  3. so much patience...Evie hates it when I do her hair now. I'm thinking about chopping her hair...we'll see.