Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cousin Fun

After our quick 2 days at Disneyland we went to my sisters and stayed there for a few days. Logan was in heaven...with toys galore. Not to mention grass and cement that he could play on...what would that be like??? He stayed outside ALL day happy as a clam. Toonces got ahold of Logan's arm...BAD KITTY!!! (Logan may or may not have caused this)
Mallory and Ella making S'mores!

We all went to the beach for the day (we really went as an excuse to eat at the new cafe rio that just opened..delish).

I love this pic of Logan playing with his "Guck."

He was much happier at the beach being able to walk, as was I! He still tried to eat the sand though (gets that from his daddy). Doesn't the water look so fun? Can't wait to go back and try out our new boogie boards!

Just the boys!

This picture is's that fruit snack.

We got a little patriotic at the beach and dressed the kids in there homemade Independence Day outfits. They turned out really cute.

Ryan and Jillian looks so cute!
This is the best that I could get of my kids...thanks Logs!

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