Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Quick Disney Trip

We did a detour to Disneyland on our way up to my parents house. My sister met us there too. It was SO SO SO busy, but we still had fun. The kids love trading pins and vinyl Mickeys. This picture is to show off Logan's rug burn on his cheek. Mallory was dragging him around our house by his legs while on his tummy. It took a few days for it to scab up. It was so nasty! There is still a nice scar!
The girls are opening their vinyl mickeys! Jillian got the owl...my favorite one.

We rode on the canoes this time. It was a lot of fun.
Jillian has been talking herself into going on Splash Mountain ever since our big Disney trip in March. So this is her first time....she has said she will not be going on it again.

She looks a bit scared!
Later that night we were eating our favorite treat at Disneyland...Pineapple Whippies. YUMMY!
Isn't this All-Star Mickey super cute!
Jilli and Sally....I love the lanyards with all the pins. They look like Disney fanatics!
Little Logan...holding his bottle in his mouth. Love my little boy!
Gramma, Mallory and Ella on the Grizzly Bear ride. It was finally hot enough to want to get wet.
Getting ready for lunch! We might need some more ketchup though.

We had fun playing in to fountains over in Bugs Land. Glad I threw in the kids swim suits at the last.
Silly Logan...loves licking water off the ground like a kitty. It does gross me out!

Gramma's turn for California Screamin'! The girls are in the back.

On our way out I got Logan this little light stick. He loves hitting it everywhere...you kinda have to take cover!


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  2. Can you send me a disc of the photos - I don't have any of the disney pictures - they are cute!