Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Christmas

Never mind that it is February...but it's Christmas!!! Finally getting some blogging figured out, I've been fighting with my LAME computer. The kids were so excited for Christmas morning. I made them wait until 7:00 am to call for us. They were not allowed out of their rooms until I came to get them. Their rooms are the the other side of our house and they would have to pass the family room (where all the Christmas stuff was) to get us. I'm sure they snuck out though! What kid doesn't???

Jillian got her roller skates that she has wanted FOREVER!!

Mallory got tons of wii games, earings, and a CELL PHONE!

Logan and his new train table...that will be remembered for years and years, as the WORST toy to get your kids for Christmas. This little gem took hours and hours to set up. It's fun though!

Mallory was excited for her new ihome. (i was too)

Jillian got tons of crafty things...anything to keep this girl busy is great!!

Hallie's little stash! She got some crib toys... since she finally gets her crib!

My totally awesome sister made little Hallie her stocking! I love it!

Me and little Puddin' ready for church! (I took her in her Christmas jammies...I was too tired to get a dress on her)

This may be my most favorite picture of Christmas. For some reason he had to wear his boots and this little bandanna thing he found in his room...so random! He wore it all day long!

Logan got all sorts of boy toys...guns, light sabers, star wars toys, legos, cars, and monster trucks!!

Hallie got a sing-a-majig...sp??

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